Thank you so much! :X

by Vân Tường Nguyễn on Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 1:29am


I would like to thank all the people who have helped and encouraged me when I was writing this thesis as well as when I studied at Hanoi University.

I especially want to thank my advisor, Ms. Nguyen Thu Huong, for her enthusiasm and guidance during my research. Without her advices, I can not find a clear way for my research and complete it. Moreover, I would like to thank all the teachers at Faculty of Management and Tourism for the knowledge, experiences they shared with students and the pressures they putted on my classmates and I during our student life.

Thanks my friends at Hanoi University who always believed in me even when I could not believe in myself. Their optimism and encouragement have given me more power to fight and gain.

I would like to offer an apology to my close and mischievous  friends at “Nải chuối vàng” for not spending time with them as I promised. My life would be extremely boring without their jokes, funny stories and laughs. Thanks.

Thanks “mie sorrelle” Yến Nhi and Rin for their love, their encouragement, their advices.

I would like to thank Italy, my eight- year love.

My deepest gratitude goes to my family for their unconditional love and support throughout my life; this research is simply impossible without them. My grandpa always encourages me to study. He is the greatest grandpa in the world. I am indebted to my father. When I was a kid, I observed him when he was working on his researches; and I decided that I would study about economy and work in the economic field like him. I cannot ask for more from my mother. Although she sometimes drives me crazy with her questions about my future directions, marriage…, she is perfect. I know that I owe her all my life and I can never pay that debt. I remember her supports whenever I encountered difficulties. I remember how she teaches me about family values. Mama, I love you. I’m proud of my sister, Tuong Quyen, for her intelligence and innocence. Although we often quarrel with each other, I love you so much.

Thanks my cousin Linh benhon for helping me with the data preparation. Without her help, I could not submit my drafts on time.

Last but not least, thanks everyone for being my friends and letting me know that I never walk alone.


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