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Sibelius Concert

It is one of the most wonderful concerts I’ve ever attended!
Sibelius is the most famous Finnish composer of all time, and in this concert, two Finnish artists have played several compositions written by Sibelius.
Before performing each composition, the cellist gave a brief introduction about it to help the audiences understand more about Sibelius’s work. These two artists have arranged many Sibelius’s works for piano solo to works for cello and piano. The cellist and the pianist are not only talent but also friendly and humorous. They created a very friendly atmostphere for the concert! It’s really really wonderful!
The most significant composition is Finlandia op.26, no.7 The artists have arranged this Finlandia from a composition for orchestra (with 100 players!) to composition for two players. According to the cellist, one Finnish man was suffered from a heart attack when he first listened to this composition. In Hanoi, nobody was suffered from a heart attack after having listened to Finlandia, but I saw one Finnish man moved to tears at the end of the concert! As I’m not a Finnish and I have listened to that composition for the first time, I can’t understand it thoroughly! However, I may understand why the old man cried when he listened to Finlandia in a foreign country!
The cellist and the pianist did a good job…NO, they did a wonderful job! Before this concert, when I think about Finland, I just remember the capital – Hensilki, a high living standard and…Nokia. Now, I know that Finland also has Sibelius!

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