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Timetable for a SUPERMAN

(Picture: BLV Anh Ngọc’s Blog)

Please gaze with veneration at my timetable for this semester!






7.15 – 9




Political economics

9.30 – 11.15

800m run

12.30 – 14.15

Learner training

Test preparation



Test preparation

14.45 -16.30

Academic writing

Test preparation

Oral communication

Test preparation

Should I commit suicide? No, I shouldn’t. Because this SHIT timetable is applied for all the students in my class.I’m not the only one!

Do I have the right to complain? Yes, because my friends are also complaining!

Should I enjoy spinach instead of Vietnamese food to have enough energy to learn?

Should I install an engine to my feet so that I can walk quickly to both the bus stop and my classroom without feeling tired?

In January 2008,I am going to have a very important conditional exam. If I pass it,I will continue my study in Finance and Banking Major. If I didn’t pass it, I would have to stay at home for one year to waiting for resitting the exam

Hô hô.Hope that I’m strong enough to fulfil my coming exams as well as my study under this kind of SHIT timetable.

3 thoughts on “Timetable for a SUPERMAN”

  1. Chúc mừng nha!

    Bọn tao học t́t cả các bủi sáng + t́t cả các bủi chìu cơ! Vui lắm cơ =))

    Sáng 2 : KTCT
    Sáng 3+5 : TD
    Sáng 4+6 : Calculus!

    Oh yeah!!!

    Should my class commit suicide??? 😀

    Have fun with ur timetable, supergal! :X

  2. :)) toi bi h cung chi ke’m ba moi Calculus thoai ^^…. mu t chi so chay 800m thoai :(( …. chay 100 m da ngat roai ko biet cai nay t song sao noi day :(( ….. nhung ma hoc chay 800m vao 4 ruoi thi dien that :))

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